Five Things You Can Do To Make Your Postcard Campaign a Success
By Tom&Co.
Post card

Last week we talked about business cards and how they’ve more or less proven themselves as timeless pieces that have a place in anyone’s overall marketing strategy. In that same vein, we have postcards – which are a fantastically simple, yet low-cost sales tool that are easier to use than ever.

For businesses large and small, a precisely designed postcard can pack an awfully powerful punch. You, too, can create a postcard campaign without significant investment in time and money on your part. In order to help you do that, this week we’ve compiled a list of five things you an do to get the most out of your next direct mail campaign.

Post cards can say a lot…

Especially with the over-sized variety, you can pack an awful lot of messaging punch into your postcards. But so you remember – this is STILL a postcard, not a book. The space allows for you to get creative with your messaging, not wordy. In fact we tell our clients all the time – imagine that the extra word is costing you $100/word you use. Not that it LITERALLY does – but that’s how you should approach it. Be efficient with your language and it can pay incredible dividends.

Think Timely

Postcards always shine when there’s a sense of urgency attached to them. Offers with deadlines, reminders and save the dates can be incredibly effective. Even better – they can be great to help you if you’re looking to piggyback off a current event. Always remember to stay urgent, stay timely and stay current.

Use them like Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army knives have lots of little tools you can use. You can cut with the knife, open cans with the can opener – you can even pick your teeth with the toothpick slider. It’s versatile, dependable and its uses are virtually endless.

For those of us in the print marketing world – postcards are our version of the Swiss Army Knife. You can use them for a wide range of things – from reminders & gift certificates to new product announcements, discounts, coupons and even tickets. The possibilities are endless. If you choose to use them, do so knowing that there are literally dozens of ways you can use them.

Size does matter

Yes, oversized does cost more. But also in the ‘yes’ category is the return on your investment. Oversized cards are incredibly effective tools largely because they stick out in the mail in a big way. They allow you more space to craft a message, use images, bold colors, etc. Some folks even use them to help map their location. Long story, short – the more area you have the work with, the better.

Always plan ahead and use them for a very specific purpose

Like we mentioned earlier, postcards can be used as a tool to do many, specific tasks. Just be sure to thoroughly think out what it is you want to say and what you want your customer to do. Postcards work best as vehicles for action, so always consider the specific actions you want your customer to make. Build as much value into your message as possible and don’t ever be boring.

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