Privacy Protection Becomes A Major Selling Point
By Tom&Co.
Privacy Protection

Big-tech companies like Facebook and Google have platforms that link end-users to businesses. However, data-protection scandals are everywhere, and some experts often link them to special algorithms in big-tech software that can harvest the personal info of end-users.

It is called data exploitation, and it is big business for a lot of tech companies. How? They simply sell user’s data to advertisers, who then use it to send ads and emails that are tailored to the needs of that particular end-user. That is one of the reasons Google’s algorithm on YouTube can send you related videos based on your watch history.

What Is Privacy Protection, Why Is It Important?

Privacy Protection is simply personal information you’d like to keep from the prying eyes of companies, hackers, government organizations, and other online groups. E-marketers (a research firm) estimates that 74 million Americans have smart speakers that are listening devices capable of putting the privacy of users at risk.

That means that roughly 22.56% of America’s population is vulnerable to data exploitation. It also means that most big tech companies wield more influence over a user’s buying decision and if left unchecked can become a severe problem.

What Do Gadget Makers Have To Say About Privacy Protection?

As more things get connected, gadget makers like Apple and Scalys are concerned about data protection scandals, and in some cases, looking to air their views on respect for users’ privacy. Snips founder, Randi Hindi, believes that the claim of tech firms needing your data to make the user experience easier is false.

It has become a huge selling point as customers no longer trust big-tech companies for user privacy but are now turning to gadget makers for better security. Some electronic companies like Apple are leading in the race in offering better protection for their customers.

Tech Analyst Bob O’ Donnell of Technalysis Researchers says more companies have woken up to the issues surrounding user data protection and privacy. This comes after leaked revelations regarding Facebook, and other tech giants started emerging.

What Are Gadget Makers Doing To Minimize Breaches in User Privacy?

“What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone “. These were the words of Apple at a tech show in Las Vegas in 2019. Since then, Apple and Microsoft now lead as the major tech giants committed to the privacy of their users.

It has prompted smaller tech companies to follow suit. Some companies now offer a better way of protecting the internet routers without being connected to the internet.

Others like Scalys now have a router called Trustbox that protects the user’s connection and other devices that might be connected to it. Other companies like Snip(a French startup)now offer digital assistants that can easily be installed without using the internet connection.

Protect Your Privacy; It Is Your Right

Scandals like Cambridge Analytica which accessed Facebook data to manipulate political objectives have not prompted many to change their behavior online.

Although user growth on Facebook may be sluggish, the company’s other products, like the renowned Instagram and WhatsApp have dominated cyberspace. If you care about your data or that of your users, call us or fill out the contact form to speak with an expert.

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