Privacy Protection: A Major Selling Point in Your Digital Campaigns
By Tom&Co.
Privacy Protection

Most internet users today recognize they will sacrifice some of their personal privacy for the privilege of shopping and socializing online. By willingly sharing information about themselves – including the websites they visit and purchases they make online – they will gain the benefits of having more tailored results and recommendations when they’re searching online for something they need.

People are also willing to sacrifice some level of privacy in exchange for convenience, as evidenced by the prevalence of AI assistants like Google Home and Alexa and the growth rate of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the home.

Limits to Data Sharing

But sharing data and relinquishing privacy has its limits. Growing numbers of Americans – 32% according to a recent study conducted by Cisco and summarized in the Harvard Business Review – have concerns about data privacy and are willing to switch companies or service providers if they don’t like the way their data is being used. The study called these individuals “privacy actives.”

Ninety-percent of privacy actives said that how a company handles their private data reflects the respect the company has for its customers. And they won’t hesitate to avoid doing business with a company that doesn’t respect and protect their data.

What Does Privacy Protection Mean for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Under the General Data Protection Regulations, companies must ask for permission before collecting a customer or website visitor’s data if the visitor is from EU. With these standards in place, most U.S.-based websites adhere to GDPR rules. But GDPR is the minimum of what a company can do to protect its customers’ privacy.

When you’re launching a digital campaign, it pays to work with a firm that is on the cutting-edge of data protection technology. It’s important to collect only the information you need for a successful campaign and to ensure that data is kept safe through cybersecurity measures.

By safeguarding your customers’ data, you are building trust that can lead to increased sales and word-of-mouth referrals in the future.

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