Questions You Ask To Develop Your Brand Identity
By Tom&Co.

Building a formidable brand that can stand the test of time is more than coming up with a logo and color palette. It is more than that, and getting it right ensures you forever rent a space in the mind of your target audience.

Think about it, you feel connected to people you identify with. The same is true with brands. It is that feeling that the brand ‘gets’ you, and you’re likely to interact, buy, and even become an ambassador.

To create such a brand, some questions will gear you toward the right path, and they include:

  1. Who is my target market?

 Before launching your brand, you’re expected to have developed a buyer persona or customer biodata. This is vital information about your ideal customers that will shape almost every aspect of your brand identity.

Knowing your target market goes beyond knowing their age, location, or income, but their pain points, things that bring them joy, happiness, and pride. 

  1. What’s your brand personality?

Your brand has to be relatable to your target market if you must drive them to take action. A brand with a strong personality will always score some like points to its target audience. Take a look at some household names and think about the personality associated with them. This will help you craft out a personality befitting for your business and target.

  1. Who are your competitors?

Unless you’re a monopolist, there are going to be some players offering the same products and services. By knowing who your competitors are, you will come up with a good marketing strategy that converts.

Having competition isn’t a bad thing, as it will help you create an objectively better brand identity. That is because you can build on what they’ve already built, creating something better, new, and refreshing.

  1. What’s your story?

Humans are naturally wired to love stories since it engages special areas of the brain. Stories help us to feel a greater sense of connection, letting the oxytocin flow, strengthening our connection.

Your brand story could be how or why you were founded, and how you play a role in the life of your customers. The aim, however, is to make your customers the heroes of your brand stories since it is all about them.

  1. Why trust you?

There are hundreds if not thousands of similar brands out there. Why should your target audience trust you over others? Sometimes you might not know why your customers pick you, and interviews can be a great tool to learn why they trust you. Your brand’s unique trust factors could be transparency, flexibility, or expertise.

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