SEO For Beginners – Free SEO Tools Online
By Tom&Co.
SEO For Beginners - Free SEO Tools Online

The Internet not only offers website owners ways to reach millions of prospective clients around the world, but it also gives the tools necessary to generate the type of content that those prospective customers will enjoy. If you are new to SEO, then it helps to have free tools you can use to get the most out of your search engine results. To help SEO beginners out, we offer a list of the types of tools you can find online that will assist you in maximizing your SEO potential.

Plagiarism Checkers

If you post content that appeared on another website without permission, then that is plagiarism. You can also commit plagiarism if you copy parts of published content for your own articles. If there is one thing every search engine frowns on, it is plagiarism. There are plenty of free online plagiarism checkers you can use to make sure that every piece of content you are posting online is original.

Even if you buy your content from professional writers, you should still run everything through a plagiarism checker. While many of the more reputable content sites check content for you, there could be issues if you buy content directly from writers or if you use those content websites that do not check content before selling it to you.

SEO Score

Many marketing sites offer a free SEO score checker that can give you great advice on what you need to do to improve the reach of your website. You will find that each marketing company has its own way of computing an SEO score, so be sure that you become familiar with the meaning of the score and how it is calculated for the website you are using before you take action based on your score.

Grammar Checker

The Internet used to be filled with writing from people who could not really speak English, but they could copy and paste a keyword into an article several times over to improve the search engine results. These days, Google and the other search engines frown on keyword stuffing and bad grammar.

Even if you speak English as a native language, you may not have the best grammar when it comes to writing content. That is why every piece of content you put on your site should be run through a grammar checker first.

Keyword Checker

While keywords are not quite as important as they used to be, you can still get better SEO results if you use popular keywords in your industry. Google and a few other search engines offer comprehensive tools that will help you to either find the best keywords for your content, or tell you if the keywords you want to use will be effective.

The Internet content industry and rules change constantly, but the effectiveness of good SEO practices never go out of style. The biggest issue that website owners who are new to SEO have is developing content practices that deliver the very best results and put their websites as high as possible on the first page of search results. With the free tools that are available online, any SEO newcomer can make sure that their content is ready to reach their target audience and generate plenty of traffic.

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