SEO Tips

Small business owners are usually best served by hiring digital marketing agencies to worry about growing their online presence. But even if you hire a professional company to handle your online marketing, you still need to understand the basics of SEO so that you have an idea as to what is going on. On the Internet, every company looks the same size and with some good SEO practices small businesses can compete with their much larger competition.

Make Sure You Are Registered

Many search engines, including Google and Yahoo!, have business programs that would benefit your company. You should make sure that you are registered with all of the search engines and have links set up with each search engine where people can go for more information on your company. With Google, local businesses get preference over any other search result when users search for products or services. You need to be a part of a program like that to grow your business.

Work On Your Mobile Site

If your mobile site is not optimized for mobile users then your site won’t even show up on Google search results. Your mobile site needs to have its own look, its own navigation system, and its own set-up that is easy for users to browse if you want your mobile site to be found in search results. You should invest in a real mobile site to make sure you are not missing out on this vital stream of income.

Formulate Good Search Results

Every search engine has its rules on how many characters it displays in the search results and how it lists page titles under your specific entry. You need to search for your website online and see how it looks when it comes up in the results. You may want to alter your descriptions and titles to give users more information about your site when they see it in search results for the first time.

Check Your Site Regularly

The three SEO elements that will constantly cause you problems are broken links, misspelled words, and missing images. You need to invest in software that regularly checks your website and corrects these errors before they damage your standing in the search engine results pages.

Leave The Keywords To The Pros

The function and importance of keywords changes on a regular basis, and improperly using keywords could get your website taken off of the search engine results pages. These days, long tail keywords and secondary keywords that fit your niche are important to getting people to see your website. But if you stuff your website with keywords, Google and the other search engines will make sure no one ever sees it. In this new era of constantly changing keyword usage, it is important to hire a professional digital marketing agency to handle keywords for you.

Small businesses have the most to gain from good SEO practices because they can get more exposure for their website and stand on the same level as their larger competition. With help from a professional digital marketing agency, you can stay updated on the very latest and best SEO practices that will get your website the exposure it deserves.