Standing Out With Local SEO
By Tom&Co.
Standing Out With Local SEO

As the Internet gets overwhelmed with new websites every day, it becomes more and more difficult for companies to separate themselves from the competition. The saturation of the Internet makes the role of the professional digital agency even more important, especially when it comes to local SEO.

Businesses are starting to realize that local SEO can be a more powerful marketing tool that the yellow pages in the phone book ever was. People carry their phones with them, and those phones have the Internet on them. The better your website can stand out with local SEO, the easier it will be to grab those local customers. But how can your company stand out from all of the rest in its local SEO?

What Makes Your Company Different?

The problem with many business owners is that they think in generalities. Owners need to realize that every company says they have the best customer service, and every company boasts that they offer the best products in the industry. When you try to separate your company from the competition, the last thing you want to do is say the same exact things the competition is saying.

If you want your local SEO to be strong, then you need to pinpoint at least one solid thing that makes your company stand out from the competition. Do you offer unique packaging? Is there a service you offer the competition does not? When you come up with at least one thing that you do better than the competition, then you can move on to creating solid local SEO content.

Focus Your Website’s Content

In order for you to attract customers that will be interested in your local content, that content needs to highlight the things that make your company different. Instead of repeating the same business phrases everyone else is using, your content will be fresh and stand out from the crowd.

You also need to put your company’s best traits in lingo the local audience will understand. Every region has its own dialect, and you need to speak in that dialect if you want to get the attention of your local customers. By expounding on what makes your company different in a language your local customers are comfortable with, you will truly enhance your local SEO.

Enhance Your Link Building Process

When you have pinpointed what you are good at, it is much easier to develop link building relationships with other local companies and local civic groups. As your SEO develops and your content brings in traffic, you will start to get opportunities to build a network of links that include people interested in what your company has to offer.

If you want your link building to work, it needs to be organic. With local SEO, your company’s ability to do something no other company does will bring in link building opportunities that will help your website to grow. As your company’s local SEO grows, so will the quality of your link building opportunities.

Creating strong local SEO starts with the right digital agency and a strong understanding of your company. When you lock onto that one thing your company offers that the competition does not, then you have found the key to creating content that is optimized for your local consumer audience.

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