The Marketing Power Of Instagram: Four Statistics That Will Shock You
By Tom&Co.
Power Of Instagram

Before the industrial revolution, no one would have imagined a world ruled by social media. We have undergone a fundamental shift in the way we do things, especially marketing our goods and services. Although print media has a role to play, social media giants like Instagram are here to stay.

As social media becomes an integral part of our lives, influencer marketing has skyrocketed. Instead of using print media or traditional ads, research has proved that people are more likely to take a recommendation from a familiar face.

To make a buying decision, people are now turning to their favorite Instagram stars, Twitter personalities, and even YouTubers for guidance. In this article, we’ll expose some insane Instagram statistics that will blow your mind.

  1. 71% of all American businesses use Instagram

Recently, Instagram dethroned Twitter as the best app to promote businesses, and the reason couldn’t be any more glaring. Large corporations, as well as professionals, are finding great success promoting their goods and services using Instagram.

If 71% of businesses in the US use Instagram, why shouldn’t you? Many believe that Instagram marketing is now the holy grail of marketing, due to the number of potentials it has in the promotion of a business.

  1. 2 million monthly advertisers

Another Instagram stat that will blow your mind is the fact that over 2 million advertisers use the platform every month to promote their business. You probably have seen them in action as you scroll past these sponsored posts on your feed.

Instagram is inarguably one of the best marketing channels at the moment, and you can get your offers to your ideal audience without breaking a sweat. With 2 million advertisers, what are you waiting for to join the wagon?

  1. 70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities

We’re now in the era of influencers, where more and more people are getting drawn to mid-influencers due to their expertise and experience compared to celebrities. For this reason, businesses are utilizing influencers when it comes to getting their goods and services out there.

Think about it, 4 in 10 Millennial subscribers believe that their favorite influencer is better than their friends. With this amount of trust, there is no doubt why brands are spending billions yearly on influencers marketing.

  1. Increase spend on influencer marketing

When you get results from a marketing strategy, it is pretty normal to try it again and again. Most brands and marketers are getting incredible results from influencer marketing, and they are not backing down any time soon.

About 71% of marketers are planning to increase their budget in the coming 12 months, both for creating awareness, and customer acquisition. If you’re yet to tap into the mind-boggling power of Instagram, waste no further time. Get in touch with an expert by calling right now, or perhaps fill our contact form to begin.

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