Three Must Haves for Your Tradeshow Displays
By Tom&Co.
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As you prepare your trade show booth for each upcoming industry event, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to accessorize your booth properly. As trade show experts, we understand how to bring attention to your booth without alienating any part of the audience. There is such a thing as too many bells and whistles on a trade show booth, but there is always room for a good poster.

Your trade show booth probably has a lighted sign and modern looking display pedestals, which are both essential to looking professional and getting the proper amount of attention. But if you do not have properly designed and placed posters, then it may be difficult for attendees to find your booth.

1. Each Poster Must Have A Purpose

We will always recommend one trade show booth poster with your company logo on it and then at least one more with the name of the big product you are introducing at that particular show. You may also want to consider a poster for your website address and a poster showing off the product that made you famous.

Just like each marketing campaign needs to have a focused message to be successful, so does your trade show booth posters. Nothing confuses a potential client more than a poster that tries to talk about everything, but winds up talking about nothing.

2. Less Is More

White space is a term we use in marketing to describe the blank space purposely left around important elements of a magazine advertisement or product brochure. When you use white space properly, those important elements will stand out and get the reader’s attention immediately.

Your trade show booth posters will be competing with a sea of other posters and banners to get the attention of trade show attendees. If you want people to notice your poster message, then you must use white space to make your message stand out. A trade show booth poster designed using just the right amount of white space will always get the attention of trade show attendees.

3. Presentation Is Critical

We always ask how our customers plan on presenting their trade show booth posters because that affects how we make them and the advice we give. If you are going to put your poster on the side of your booth, then there aren’t a lot of details to get concerned with. But if you plan on hanging the poster over your booth, then you will need a frame and you should probably get that poster printed on both sides.

As marketing experts, it is our job to think ahead on these things and ask the questions we have gathered thanks to our experience. We know how critical good presentation is to trade show booth posters and that is why we work so closely with our customers to create posters that look great and are functional as well.

There is a difference between dressing up your trade show booth in accessories that never bring any visitors and having a professional marketing company maximize your space and help you drive revenue. When we work on your trade show booth posters for you, we will provide you with the kinds of effective posters that come from years of experience in attracting trade show traffic.

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