The Three Primary Elements Of Digital Marketing
By Tom&Co.

When you talk about digital marketing, you are talking about a profession that covers several different fields and involves a lot of different kinds of experts. At its core, digital marketing is essentially about branding, data usage, and content management. You could take just about any task in digital marketing and place it into one of these three categories, which is why it is so important that business owners understand these three key elements.


Working on the company brand is one of the most critical marketing tasks any organization will get involved in. Your company brand is how the public perceives you, and it is the first-impression your company makes on prospective customers. Your brand is also the way in which your existing customers identify your company, and the emotional bond that keeps your customers coming back for more business.

Almost every digital marketing project your company does affects your brand, either directly or indirectly. Every product, press release, new story, and customer service incident makes up the foundation of your brand. When digital marketing experts focus on growing a client’s customer base, one of the first things they will do is strengthen the appeal of the company brand.

Data Usage

Digital marketing professionals love turning consumer trends into numbers because numbers can be analyzed and manipulated to reveal patters and project future revenue. In recent years, the collection of data has grown significantly and it has come to include social media interactions that are used to predict consumer feelings on certain topics.

The era of big data has only begun, and marketing experts have only scratched the surface on what can be done with data. As more devices are connected to the Internet from toothbrushes to toasters, marketing companies are collecting more accurate data on the behaviors and tendencies of consumers. This data is being used to develop more effective marketing campaigns and to create products that consumers will want to buy.

Content Management

Content management includes any kind of visual material used to get consumers to make some sort of buying decision. Blog articles, videos, and images are all part of content management, and marketing experts are becoming increasingly concerned with how these different types of content work together to inspire consumer action.

Written content is constantly being altered to not only get better results from search engines, but to better engage consumers with effective calls to action. Marketing experts are also working on more innovative ways to make video and image content more interactive and enjoyable for consumers. Digital marketing experts are constantly researching ways to make content more engaging, and enhance the advertising experience for consumers.

Digital marketing is a very dynamic profession, and it is constantly changing thanks to the ever-evolving Internet. Almost everything a digital marketing expert does can be categorized under branding, data evaluation, or content management. That is why digital marketing companies make sure to hire only the best qualified experts in those fields to give clients comprehensive marketing solutions.

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