Three Reasons Your Company Needs A Professional Social Media Management Firm
By Tom&Co.
Three Reasons Your Company Needs A Professional

When we first bring up the idea of social media management to new clients, we are frequently met with blank stares. We understand the confusion, so let us ask the question for you:

Why does my company need someone to post things on Facebook for me?

It is a legitimate question and we have an equally legitimate answer. Social media management is so much more than just posting the occasional comment on Facebook. Your social media pages may not be costing you anything to have, but you are leaving a great deal of money on the table if you do not have those pages managed by our Internet marketing experts.

If you give us a call, we will be more than happy to do a full presentation on our social media management services. But to answer the question we asked at the start of this discussion, we offer three reasons why you need a professional social media management firm.

Social Media Synergy Is Extremely Important

Your company has an extremely exciting announcement to make and you want to reach as many prospective customers as possible. Do you post it on Facebook? What about Twitter? Since your Facebook and Twitter account are attached to each other, why not post it on one and let it be seen by both audiences?

The way you choose to release your messages on social media is just as important as the message itself. In some instances, Twitter is a much better alternative than Facebook. Other times, Instagram may give you much more exposure than any other social media platform. We understand the synergy behind the way the various social media sites work together and we can get your message maximum exposure.

You Don’t Know How To Maximize Your Social Media Experience

Many of the most prominent social media platforms offer business pages many more presentation options than they do to personal pages. When you maximize the features offered by social media platforms, you will also significantly increase the exposure you get from each site. 

We have spent years studying social media and we know how to get the most exposure for business pages on every social media platform. Let us use our years of experience in making your social media presence irresistible to web traffic.

Social Media Is Constantly Changing

Did you know that Facebook changed its business page rules and now only two to six percent of your captive audience actually sees your business messages? You can reach a wider audience on Facebook if you are prepared to pay for it, but that is a tough decision for business owners to make.

There are social media platforms that have millions of users which you may have never heard of. The landscape in social media changes constantly and we make it our job to keep up with those changes and offer you the best possible social media management results.

When you sign your company up for its first Facebook page, you have only begun to scratch the surface of what social media can do for your organization. If you really want to see just how effective social media can be at bringing in revenue, then give us a call and we will show you just how important professional social media management skills can be to your business future.

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