Three Reasons You Cannot Do Your Own SEO
By Tom&Co.
Three Reasons You Cannot Do Your Own SEO

As a professional Internet marketing firm, it is our job to get your website the kind of traffic that you need. Some people see what we do as marketing professionals and feel that they can get the same results on their own. But it takes years to become experts in SEO and Internet marketing, which is why SEO is definitely not something you should do on your own.

If you are considering a homemade SEO plan to improve your web traffic, then we propose that you just talk to one of our experts to get a professional opinion. We don’t use big words or complicated phrases to impress you because that would not be beneficial to your website or to our business. But we can explain to you, in detail, the three reasons why you should never attempt to do SEO on your own.

Bad SEO Means Bad Results

One of the most common and dangerous misconceptions about DIY SEO is that it cannot do any harm to just try it out and see how it goes. There is no faster way to damage your website’s status on the major search engines than to engage in bad SEO. The longer you use bad SEO practices, the more damage you will do and the longer it will take to repair.

What is bad SEO? Keyword stuffing and using purchased links are two sure ways to get a Google penalty that can take months to remove. But there are many other ways that dabbling in SEO on your own can damage your website’s online reputation and prevent you from getting the kind of traffic you need.

The Rules Change Constantly

Google has put in several algorithm updates since 2012 and there are more updates yet to come. Yahoo! and Bing are also altering the way that they address SEO content and that has a direct effect on your website.

The rules for good SEO content change on a regular basis. If you want to be able to create good SEO, then you need to stay up to date on all of those changes. As a professional Internet marketing firm, we make it our job to stay updated on every change and alter SEO policies accordingly. We know that good SEO practices this year could be banned next year and that is why you need to stay on top of everything to do with SEO.

You Need Resources

We have teams of marketing experts, website developers and content creators available to execute the perfect SEO program for your website. If you do not have access to those types of professional resources, then your SEO program will never give you the results you need. We can put together an SEO plan that will raise your web traffic, generate you more revenue and get your website right where it needs to be.

Internet marketing is a complex profession that takes many years to master. A professional marketing organization such as ours employs a wide variety of experts to make sure that every SEO program we put together is successful. Instead of taking chances and possibly being damaged by bad, DIY SEO tactics, you should give one of our experts a call today and let us put together an SEO plan that will work.

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