Tips For Creating Content Your Audience Will Want To Share
By Tom&Co.
Creating Content Your Audience Will Want To Share

Creating share-worthy content might seem like a pretty hard task, and the unpredictable social algorithms make matters even worst. Not to forget the intense battle from competitors that might sometimes force you to give up.

But you don’t need to give up. Never! Although there is no proven magical formula to dish out a share-worthy post, there are some tips that will help compel your audience to share your content. The most important key, however, is understanding your audience and the type of content they want.

So, here are some tips that you can incorporate to get more social shares!

  1. Use controversy

You shouldn’t get entangled in anything polarizing as a business. However, you can use this tool in a fun way that gets people to share your content without a second thought. For instance, you could share a controversial opinion or argument in your industry and encourage your audience to share their thoughts. The fact is people, love controversy. Not only will you get lots of shares, but you’ll also get a lot of engagement since almost everyone wants to air their view.

  1. Validate their opinion

People love to feel seen and heard, and that is why this tip is probably one of the most effective when creating shareable content. Think about it, how will you feel when a brand or persona shares the same opinion as you? There’s no doubt that you will feel elated, and most likely to hit the share button. For instance, a betting brand might share a meme that Ronaldo is the GOAT of football. No doubt, people who share the same opinion are likely to find the post funny and hit the share button without hesitating.

  1. Create valuable content

People love useful content and will share it if they believe others will find it useful. If you create something interesting that teaches people a thing or two, they are likely to share it with their circle for wider exposure. So, if you’re looking to create content that people share, consider creating something that your audience will find useful; and you wouldn’t have to worry about shares.

  1. Talk about trending topics

Not all trending topics you should talk about, but rather topics that are relevant to your niche. When you talk about a trending topic, you’re identifying with people who are aware of it, and that’s a goldmine for shares. Remember, you don’t need to talk about every trending topic to avoid exhaustion.

  1. Call to Action

If you want more share, sometimes what works is directly asking for it. For instance, before concluding, you can encourage your audience to share the post. Most often, what your audience needs is a little nudge, and a call to action can do that.

To know more about creating sharable content that resonates with your target market, go ahead and give us a call, or fill the contact form to begin.

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