9 Powerful Tips to Crush Social Media Trolls
By Tom&Co.
The Dynamic Nature Of Social Media

Trolls are no longer thought of as mythical creatures that reside under bridges. A new class of social media trolls has evolved as a result of the internet’s immense power and freedom of expression. Yes, we are referring to online trolls that have the ability to effortlessly abuse their position of authority and turn anyone’s life into a living nightmare, especially social media managers and business owners.

It only makes sense to handle issues in the best way possible if we accept that we must deal with all the good and the bad that come with everything. The same philosophy should be used to deal with trolls on social media.

The following advice will come in helpful for you whether you manage social media professionally or just use social networking sites for your business. Continue reading to learn how to stop internet trolls from devouring your peace.

Who are Online Trolls?

Online trolls are regular folks like you and me who use the internet as a means of provocation. Internet trolls are those who use the internet to harass, intimidate, threaten, or annoy other people.

Internet trolls use a variety of strategies to provoke people. They can bombard you with offensive content, engage in conversation with you that is misogynistic, racist, sexist, homophobic, or hateful, take your words or comments out of context and use them against you, discover any personal information about you and try to discredit you, or come up with other ways to annoy you.

They basically just want to stir up some form of disturbance because, tragically, they like it. It can occasionally be used as a tool for going viral online. However, not all trolls are evil and vicious. Some of them make fun of others without any genuine malice; they do this to generate interesting social engagement and viral material.

But how can you tell if the person you are speaking to on social media is indeed a malicious troll?

5 Signs that You’re Dealing with a Social Media Troll

Not all strange people you encounter on social media are trolls. They do have their own clan, and you can identify one by looking for certain telltale indications.

They never stay on the topic at hand:

Well, who in an online discussion actually does that? A social media troublemaker, however, would deliberately try to divert conversational attention each time. They frequently use strange, ridiculous, unpleasant, or utterly irrelevant links or images as their response, which can cause havoc.

They agitate you:

You won’t always agree with what others say online, but if someone constantly insults or denigrates you, it’s likely that you are conversing with a troll.

They patronize you:

Genuine social media trolls will make every effort to incite a reaction from you. They will irritate you by messaging you back and forth, making rude comments on your posts, and using hate speech.

They never make sense:

If someone keeps bringing up odd, absolutely illogical ideas, you can be sure you are dealing with a social media troublemaker.

They start calling people names:

You see, internet trolls are familiar with online jargon, particularly derogatory terms. Therefore, it is definitely a warning sign if someone calls you “deez nuts,” “sussy baka,” or something like that.

You are being trolled if any one or more of these occur frequently to you at the hands of someone. It’s good news that you can look after them; here’s how:

9 Tips to Handle Social Media Trolls

Use the following strategies to restore serenity to your life and the lives of the brands you manage if an account keeps harassing you.

1. Ignore them and ignore some 

Never forget that a troll’s only goal is to spout hate at you and bring you down. How can they carry on like that? Of course, if you continue to pay attention to them. When you deny them that, eventually they become entirely silent.

To put it simply, you must quit feeding the trolls. Stop reacting entirely if a troll is assaulting you personally. However, it would be fair to report them if the troublemaker was assaulting your clients. Additionally, if someone does offer a good cause for their rage, consider listening to them.

2. Monitor your social media.

Any time of day, a troll might appear and start causing havoc in a matter of minutes. You can avoid a lot of difficulty if you can identify a troll in time. Start constantly checking your social media accounts numerous times throughout the day to catch those evil bastards in the act before it’s too late.

3. Establish policies

Establish clear guidelines for behavior on your social media profile, group page, and brand page. It seems sense to have a code of conduct for your social media profile given that every site has one.

Create a post about the “rules of behavior” and pin it if you manage a Facebook group. Create a graphic post and share it if you run a page. The policy may also be found in the “about us” section. Create a post about the subject on your personal profile every few months.

4. Become familiar with the trends

Consider a period when you moved to a different city or even a section of the same town you had been living in for a while. You’re going to initially feel a little alone. You would find even commonplace things weird. You start to feel better as soon as you become accustomed to the location. The same holds true when dealing with trolls on social media.

Learn about the internet for a while. Keep up with current trends, particularly those that pertain to your market and business. This enables you to avoid sharing memes or articles that can start a contentious debate and attract a few trolls.

5. Assign the responsibility for “social media management”

An onslaught of unfavorable comments may be too much for you to handle; in that case, engage a social media manager. This is the best course of action in any case because the social media manager can give your sites their full attention and manage them effectively.

6. Act like a bigger person.

Being the bigger person in a situation is the best course of action occasionally. Consider the troll’s comment after reading it a few times, and then come up with a reasoned response. It’s the ideal response for a troll when combined with a tone of extreme respect.

Remember that there’s a good chance the troll may respond with something dangerous. Once you’ve responded, just keep quiet and don’t pay them any attention.

7. Be patient when responding.

Trolls have a propensity of enticing you into playing a joke in order to get you to respond. If you find yourself enraged and ready to retaliate against a troll, stop and reconsider. Breathe deeply a few times, center yourself, and consider what you want to say. A thoughtful response is always preferable to a hasty one and is also safer.

8. Block and Report

It is best to conceal and delete someone’s remarks if they frequently engage in hate speech. If the troublemaker resurfaces, block and report their profile right away. You don’t want any offensive graffiti on the pages of your brand, do you? So sometimes you have to make a difficult decision and accept the outcome.

9. Troll back, baby!

No, we do not support trolling in any way. Having said that, there are occasions when you must administer the malevolent trolls a dose of their own poison. There is no harm in attempting that if reacting to the troll with something witty fits your business image. However, you should take care to plan this action thoroughly before doing it.

You’ll have an easier time warding off the trolls if you incorporate these tactics into your plan of attack. There are several fantastic social media management solutions that have unique capabilities to keep track of interactions, making it simpler for you to identify trolls early on. Do try those as well.

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