Virtual reality is called into question
By Tom&Co.
Virtual reality

Ever wished you could see the top of the Eiffel Tower or stand on the pyramid of Giza? Achieving this could have been impossible a decade ago. People can now take on seemingly impossible activities by sliding on a pair of virtual reality goggles in today’s world. Be anywhere you wish with simulated environments that look too real to be a façade.

With its breakthrough some years ago, virtual reality has since garnered attention as a mainstream technology, and its use is firmly rooted in diverse fields.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a computer-engineered environment simulated to look real. These environments feature virtually everything you can find in a real-world setting. Making use of visual and audio, you can interact with the virtual world.

“The incredible thing about the technology is that you feel like you’re present in another place with other people,” said Mark Zuckerberg after acquiring Oculus virtual reality.

Where virtually reality comes into play, its uses:

  1. Virtual reality in the military

With the constant evolution of virtual simulation, soldiers can achieve more realistic training modules ranging from medic training, flight & vehicle simulations to experiencing different battle situations and locations. 

And there’s more, combining effective visualization and audio, trainee soldiers can even take on activities like communicating with local civilians like in actual battlefield situations.

  1. VR plays a huge role in the health sector.

There’s no better way to overcome fears, phobias, and anxiety-like having to experience them over and over again, only this time in a safe environment! Virtual reality plays a huge role in helping patients overcome their fears, become calmer, focused, and more! This has been helpful with patients suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  1. Experience an immersive education experience

Without a doubt, education isn’t left out in the Virtual reality race. VR isn’t only utilized to simulate real battle experiences like in the military; VR is also used to simulate real learning experiences.

Speaking at the web summit conference in Dublin, Palmer Luckey, the founder, and designer of oculus said, “there’s a lot of potential for virtual reality in the education industry,” he said. “Classrooms are broken. Kids don’t learn the best by reading books.”

That was the story some years ago; with further advancements in virtual reality today, students can engage in activities like going on field trips around the world, learn about the solar system in a three-dimensional environment, and also aids kids to practice real-life skills like making eye contact, building social skills amongst many others.

  1. Safer exposure to medical training

When it comes to medical procedures and experiments, VR certainly plays a vital role. With highly educative and safe access to virtually simulated surgery operations, medical trainees can take on intense medical operations without causing any harm or inflicting any damage on patients. It also provides an opportunity to approach medical processes without anxiety. Also, it’s a less expensive medical training approach to working with real cadavers.

  1. Fashion

Have you ever visited an online mall and wished you could try on the products sold? Well, that’s possible with VR. You can now try out clothes virtually without leaving the comfort of your own house!

Virtual reality is indeed the technology for the future, with a high potential of achieving more impossible feats in the coming years. You’re on the right page if you would love to learn more about virtual reality. Go ahead and give us a call (718) 273-3070 or fill out our contact form.

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