Want To Build A Social Network? Three Things You Should Consider First
By Tom&Co.
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Social media is a marketing tool that is constantly evolving and it is an important part of most marketing plans. One of the companion pieces that usually goes with a social media marketing campaign is the development of a social network consisting of customers, vendors, and other pieces of your business. Creating a social network sounds like a simple process, but there are considerations you have to make before you can start accepting people into your social media universe.

How Much Do You Want To Share?

To build a strong social network, you need to be willing to give up information you would normally not put on your company website or even your blog. The point of a social network is social interaction, and your audience is going to need you to participate in an information exchange if your network is going to be effective.

But how much information should you share? A bit of information that seems harmless could wind up causing your company a great deal of problems. The best approach is to avoid sharing information on the inner-workings of your company. You should only offer information that pertains to your brand or products, and you should never give out the personal information of any of your employees.

How Often Will You Interact With Your Audience?

The biggest difference between your social media network and your website is that your audience does not expect daily or even hourly updates to your website. On the other hand, your audience expects regular interactions on your social media platforms or they will not frequent those platforms.

You have to develop a schedule for attending to your social network and you have set ground rules. For example, it is not always a good idea to answer every question posted on your social network because sometimes people are just looking to drag you into an argument. You should interact with your social network every day and choose your points of interaction wisely.

What Makes Your Company Stand Out?

Most of the target audience that is part of your social network is also part of many other social networks. There is significant competition among companies for the attention of consumers on social media. The companies that take the time to offer something unique to their audience are usually the companies that get most of the attention from your target audience.

You need to experiment with your social network to determine what your audience is looking for. Do they want flashy videos, or are they more interested in the latest information? Once you determine what your audience wants and how they want it delivered, then you can start developing a unique angle to your social media network.

A social network is a great way to get immediate feedback from your target audience and keep track of what your audience is talking about. Before you get involved in developing a social network, you need to figure out what your company can offer that will convince your target audience to spend time giving you the information you need to grow your business.

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