What Is Content Marketing And How Can It Help My Business?
By Tom&Co.
What Is Content Marketing And How Can It Help My Business?

Most marketing professionals know that the many advances in technology have made creating effective advertising a real challenge. With a DVR, people can now watch their favorite shows and skip right past the commercials. Internet advertising is simple enough to bypass and many marketers are concerned that consumers are also bypassing the advertisements in magazines as well. So how is a marketing expert supposed to reach an audience that is now able to bypass every form of advertising available? That marketing expert is supposed to use content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of generating valuable content that delivers information about your company and your products to your target audience. The trick is that the content needs to be valuable to your audience in order for it to be effective.

For example, a shoe manufacturer that creates an article on the latest shoe styles will probably get more people to read that article than it would to look over its advertising. But by the time consumers have read that article, they are inspired to look up more information on buying those latest fashions and that drives traffic to the company’s website.

Content Marketing Works With Advertising

In good content marketing, there is a synergistic relationship between valuable content and well-placed advertising. For example, the shoe manufacturer may set it up where their advertising banners heralding the arrival of their new fashions show up in the top and bottom margins of their online article about the latest fashion. After reading the content, the consumer can just click on the advertisement to buy the latest products.

Content Marketing Works Like Product Placement

It is no coincidence that your favorite action hero is using an Apple laptop in their latest hit movie, because Apple paid plenty to have that laptop put there. You see your hero using the Apple laptop and Apple then bombards you with advertising that makes it almost impossible for you to avoid buying one.

Content marketing works much the same way as product placement. The only difference is that good content marketing tries to avoid direct attachments to specific product names or manufacturers. In other words, the real value in content marketing is in its ability to imply a customer need and then use well-placed advertising to push the consumer towards the products that can satisfy that need.

The Only Way To Market Products

If your customers are closing your pop-up ads and bypassing your television commercials, then content marketing becomes the only effective way to really market products. Good content grabs an audience and the marketing references built into that content drive sales. It sounds easy, but it takes a trained marketing professional to be able to put together a truly effective content marketing plan.

You spend good money on Internet banner advertising and pop-up ads, but are you sure they are working? Instead of spending your money on direct forms of advertising, you should consider talking to a marketing expert about content marketing. Good content marketing not only goes viral and attracts a loyal audience that demands to see the content, but it will also drive sales for your products and expand the brand name recognition of your company. Content marketing is the best way to make sure that your marketing message is being heard when everyone else’s messages are being shut out.

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