What Is The Future Of Display Advertising?
By Tom&Co.
Display Advertising

Display advertising is the term applied to banner ads and other forms of static advertising you see on websites and search engine results pages. This form of advertising has been around for a very long time, but it is starting to undergo changes. The smaller screens offered by mobile marketing has caused display advertising to evolve and change. There is a future for display advertising, but it is going to change considerably as time goes on.

Elastic Time Periods

Most display advertising is run for a predetermined period of time and then the results are analyzed. Moving forward, many digital marketing professionals are going to let the consumers dictate how long an ad runs. If an ad is getting results, then it will be kept in effect. Previously, deadlines were viewed as important in understanding the success or failure of a display ad. But now an ad that is generating activity is going to be kept in effect until it is no longer interesting to consumers.

Adding More Interest

Display ads had developed a reputation for being created using the same size banner and the same basic elements. For years, a predictable display ad was used to advertise many different products and services, and the whole thing was getting boring.

Today, display ads are being altered to match the size of the device they are being displayed on. Responsive design methods help a website to adjust to the size of the device to allow maximum user interaction, and display ads will be using the same technology. There will also be animation and other forms of exciting design options added to display ads to make them more interesting to consumers.

Dynamic Advertising

Display advertising became notorious for being a one-way conversation. In the last few years, digital marketing experts have been working on ways to make their display ads part of the conversation about the product or service they are advertising. Marketing experts are listening to what consumers are saying through data compiled throughout the campaign and altering display ads to be as current and dynamic as possible.

A Tool Of Understanding

Big data and display ads will run hand-in-hand and become a tool to help marketing experts to better understand consumers. Display ads will be used in ways they have never been used before to get real-time data from consumers and use that data to create more compelling advertising campaigns. Display advertising is as much a marketing tool as it is a means to advertise a product or service.

When mobile marketing started to take over as the primary concern for marketing experts, many people felt that display advertising was in danger of becoming obsolete. But display advertising, just like most other parts of digital marketing, is evolving with the times and proving to be a very resilient and valuable tool for marketing experts and their clients.

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