What You Should Know About Paid Search Marketing
By Tom&Co.
Paid Search Marketing

The goal of every business is to get prospects to take action on their offer. It could be buying a product or service, reading a blog post, subscribing to a newsletter, or perhaps growing your customer base. With PPC marketing, you only pay when your ad is clicked.

Before we delve deeper, a look at what PPC is.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is a marketing model that allows businesses or advertisers to place ads on an advertisement platform while paying the advert company each time their ad is clicked. The goal, however, is to get users to click either on the advertiser’s website or app where they are converted to paying customers.

Search engines like Google allow advertisers to place targeted ads that are relevant to users. For instance, a quick google search will expose you to ads at the top and bottom of Google SERP related to the inputted queries..

How Paid Search Works

Each time there is a spot on a search engine, an auction for the keyword takes place immediately. However, a lot of factors decide who appears at the top of the position or not. Take note that the auction is what keeps the gears of PPC rolling.

First, it begins when a user punches in some key phrases on a search engine. In other words, the auction is triggered based on keywords bid on by advertisers. Ads that win the auction will immediately appear on the top result page of the search engine.

How To Begin PPC Marketing

To get started with paid search, you can use accounts such as Google Adword and Google Keyword Planner to discover the ideal keywords you want to appear for. Through these accounts, you can also decide the placement of your ad, when and how they appear.

However, accounts are usually split into campaigns for easy management and report based on location, product type, and numerous other perimeters. Going forward, some ads are further divided into ad groups that contain the relevant keywords being targeted.

Ranking Your Ad

There is more to marketing than simply winning the highest bid. Google has numerous criteria used to determine which ads appear at the top of SERP. Some of these factors include:

  • Bid amount
  • Ad quality and relevance
  • Context of the search
  • Ad format and user’s device.

Google paid search uses a quality score metric to determine how relevant an ad is before it appears on SERP. The relevance of your ad is important, and factors that influence it include CTR, the relevance of keywords, landing page quality, and relevance to the search query.

As a business owner who desires more sales and customers, running PPC marketing could be one of the marketing strategies that will yield incredible results. We have been in the digital marketing sphere for decades, and we understand the ideal appeal and touch you need to take viewers from reading to throwing their money at you.

Get in touch with us by calling or filling the form, and we’ll help ensure that your PPC marketing becomes a success.

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