Why Some Of The Biggest Brands Are Developing Voice-Optimized Content
By Tom&Co.
Voice searching

Voice searching has become extremely popular over the past few years to the point where mega-retailers such as Amazon are releasing their own voice-activated products. The idea of being able to speak your search criteria into a search engine started as a novelty, but it has quickly expanded into one of the fastest growing parts of digital marketing. There are plenty of good reasons why some of the biggest brands in the world are developing content that speaks directly to people who use voice searching.

Speaking The Same Language

One of the biggest limitations of text searching has always been the inability of the search device to determine any accents users may have. By being able to detect accents, a voice search device could determine what types of cultures are found in various geographic areas. After a while, voice searches could help big brands to determine the dominant cultures in any given area and develop content that speaks directly to those groups.

Learning The Local Lingo

People in different parts of the country use different words, and they often pronounce those words differently as well. For example, people in Central New York call soft drinks soda, while Western New Yorkers call it pop. You can get the different word uses from text searches, but you cannot get the different pronunciations. By using voice search, big brands are developing video and audio content that is in tune with how people in their geographical target markets speak.

Talking Like A Local

Text searching is very two-dimensional and lacks any of the vocal cues that allow a marketing company to truly talk to a local audience. Voice searching gives a marketing company everything they would need to know about how people in a specific geographic area talk. Voice searching provides insight into:

  • The tempo at which people talk
  • How certain words are emphasized in various situations
  • How words are properly or improperly used interchangeably
  • Local phrases that are created by running words together that you would never see in a text search

Once again, the point to gathering all of this information is to create content that sounds natural and is more appealing to a particular group of people. When you can talk directly to a group in a manner they understand, your message gains credibility and your company starts to feel like a local business. The largest brands in the world find that localizing their appeal as much as possible is an extremely effective marketing tactic.

Voice searching makes up a relatively small amount of the search data that is collected today, but it is growing rapidly. The information big brands are able to get from voice searches is turning out to be very valuable. The content being developed for voice searches is intended to enhance the emotional bond between the consumer and the brand, and every marketing expert knows that a strong emotional bond means more sales.

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