Why Your Website Needs a Call-to-Action
By Tom&Co.

In order for your website to be effective, it must have a purpose. Most business owners would think that the purpose of their website is to inspire customers to buy products or services, but how would you do that? Most of the content on a website is written to enhance a brand and gain recognition within a certain target audience. But if your website does not have the right kind of purpose, then it will be a useless marketing tool.

The Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA is a statement you make that directly instructs customers on how you want them to react. When consumers read your content, they might feel moved by it but they are often unsure as to what type of effect the content wants to have. The CTA makes it clear to consumers as to what you want them to do after reading the content and how you want them to feel. Most purchases are done on an emotional level, and a good CTA is the ideal way to inspire that kind of emotional response.

Examples Of CTAs

If you want consumers to buy a product, then use a CTA to tell them. For example, at the end of a product description you can include a CTA that says “contact one of our sales representatives to buy your product today.” The urgency in a CTA is critically important in getting the consumer to act while they are still emotionally charged from your sales text.

Some companies want consumers to contact the sales team for more information about complex products. A CTA that tells customers to “contact our sales department today for more information about this product” is important because it lets consumers know that they are not supposed to have made a buying decision yet. Instead, you want them to contact the sales department to learn more. This relieves any potential confusion and helps to convert more traffic into buying customers.

When To Use CTAs

You would use a CTA any time you want to clarify exactly what you want consumers to do in response to the content they just read. A general CTA such as “fill out this form to get our monthly newsletter” will work anywhere on your website because signing up for the newsletter is a reaction to the general content on your website.

It is important that the CTA match the action that you want consumers to take to help avoid confusing consumers on how they are to react to your content. Your content will whip your traffic into a buying frenzy, and the CTA explains how your traffic should use that positive energy they have developed.

A good CTA will increase the conversion rate on your website and turn more casual traffic into paying customers. Without a good CTA, your traffic will not know exactly how they can react to the content you have created. When you enhance good sales content with an effective CTA, you exponentially increase your chances of turning your website traffic into more revenue for your business.

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