WordPress And Google Strengthen Their Partnership
By Tom&Co.

When Google takes an interest in anything to do with the Internet, there is always a very good reason for it. Google believes in unifying as much of the Internet as possible to give users a satisfying experience each and every time. To achieve this goal, Google has partnered with many Internet giants and merged with others. The most recent Google partnership to start showing signs of getting serious is the one with WordPress

Why WordPress?

When it comes to an overall presence as a CMS platform, WordPress owns an amazing 59 percent of the CMS market share. Obviously, this makes WordPress the dominant platform on which websites are created and maintained. But it is also worth noting that one out of every three websites on the Internet are done on a WordPress platform. This makes the developers, add-on creators, and website owners who use WordPress a very significant group within the world of websites.

Mobile Website Development

In 2015, Google launched a program that sought to change the way website owners looked at mobile computing. Prior to 2015, most website owners did not focus on good mobile websites. For the most part, mobile websites were text versions of the company’s main site. But in 2015, Google said that any mobile website that was not developed to maximize the experience for the user would not appear on Google mobile searches. Since most users access the Internet through their mobile devices, website owners immediately recognized the need to fall in line with Google.

The WordPress mobile templates have always been a challenge for website developers and users. Google has recently announced that it will be working with WordPress and all of its developers to create mobile templates that load faster and give a better overall experience to the user.

Speed Is The Key

One of the most important aspects of a website experience to a user has always been the speed at which a site loads. While WordPress remains a popular platform, it is also loaded with extra programming that slows down a website’s load time. Between security procedures and add-ons that are not always completely compatible, WordPress has always had a problem loading smoothly.

Google has announced that a big part of its new WordPress initiative is to help streamline template programming and make add-ons more compatible. The key to a positive Internet experience is to have a website that loads quickly, and Google wants to help WordPress to get to the point where its sites load just as fast as any other platform, if not faster.

Now is the time to start getting involved with a digital marketing company that knows how to work with WordPress. With Google bringing plenty of extra attention and resources to the WordPress platform, it will not be long before WordPress is the elite platform that developers use.

Right now, WordPress is revered for its ease of use and huge network of add-ons. In a few years, Google wants to make sure that WordPress is the platform developers choose when they want a website that delivers the ideal Internet experience.

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