The Year It Won’t Be Because It Already Is.
By Tom&Co.
Five Web Design Trends To Look For in 2014

Every year is a thing and every year will be the new year of something or another. Companies everywhere pay marketing consultant exorbitant amounts of money to make predictions that aren’t really predictions, but more like generalized forecasts that are roughly in line with there technology is at a given point in time.

To save you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of those ‘predictions’ for you to digest so you never have to worry about them again.

Will it be the year of MOBILE~! ?

Basically this has been the prediction every major marketing wonk has been making for the last 4-5 years. Fact is that 28% of all online activity comes from mobile, meaning the ship has already set sail. People visit your site and read your blog on their devices already. They shop using your apps. If you’re not mobile now, you’re a dinosaur.

Guess what, guys? I mean we’re already there. Thanks for stating the obvious.

Will it be the year of the CUSTOMER~! ?

This idea that customers control the destiny of a company is old stuff, guys. That’s actually been true for years. Simply put, the web adds a different way for customers to interact with your brand. Put together a web strategy, and you should be just fine in the latest century in customer satisfaction.

Will it be the year of CONTENT MARKETING~! ?

OK, so basically this one is a two-part piece. There are people who say

A.)  This is the year of visual content – OK, so not only is this trend way, way, way behind us, but also can someone point out any point in the history of humanity where we didn’t like visual content? Where we didn’t like art, landscapes, architecture, etc? No? Me either. Next.

B.)  All the publishing – Typical companies will never have the budgets required to pump out the kind of content needed to compete with big box publishers. Ever. Publishing is not the news – the creation of liquid content for planned conversation is.

Will it be the year of RIP, SEO~! ?

Guys, you still need to use keywords to get found on Google. How you code those words might be different, but the concept is pretty basic, still and yes – SEO is still a major player and should be considered nothing less otherwise. People still have questions to ask search engines and as such, you’ll need to make sure your content is in line with those questions that need answering. Just because the algorithm has changed, doesn’t mean SEO is dead.

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