10 Quick Tips for Killer SEO Results
By Tom&Co.
10 Quick Tips for Killer SEO Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of updating and developing your website so that it shows up at the top of search result pages for the keywords in your industry. But what many people do not realize is that there is much more to good SEO than just a couple of well-placed keywords in a piece of content. With all of the changes Google has made to its search algorithms, it is now more important than ever that website owners utilize great SEO techniques to make their websites stand out.

Stop Using Paid Links

If you are not an Internet marketing expert, then you may have missed it when Google made putting paid links on your website a bad thing. Google wants all link building to be organic and have relevance to the website that is hosting the links. If your site still has links you paid for, then your site is being punished by Google and you need to remove those links immediately.

Clean Up Your Coding

If you have old coding on your website that references pages and materials that are no longer offered on the site, then you need to clean up that coding. Clean coding speeds up your load times and makes Google happy, so spend some time cleaning up your coding if you want to improve your search results.

Update Your Content

That content you bought four years ago is filled with SEO tactics that were good back in the day, but those tactics no longer work. It is now time to invest in new content for your site that will improve your SEO results.

Clean Up Your Index Page

If you have a movie clip or audio file that automatically starts when your page is loading, then remove it. Google will drop your page in the results rankings if your index page takes longer than two or three seconds to load, so clean up your index page and improve your SEO status.

Fix Those Broken Links

Truth be known, Google hates broken internal and external links. Invest in a piece of software that checks your site for broken links and make sure you run a link check at least once a week.

Make Your Images Smaller

Unless you need high definition images on your website, then reducing the size of your images down to anywhere between 40K and 80K will speed up how fast your site loads and improve your standing with the search engines.

Include A Site Map

Google loves site maps because they make it easier for Google’s crawlers to index websites. If you want to get your site moved up in the search results, then create a map for your website.

Make A Long-Term Commitment

Websites that renew their domains year to year tend to have a difficult time moving up in the search engine results pages. Google wants to see a commitment to your website, which means that you should get at least a three-year package on your domain each time you renew. The more years you renew for at once, the better it is for your site.

Get Rid Of Excess Content

If you have content on your site that has nothing to do with the business your website conducts, then it is time to get rid of that content. Don’t even archive the excess content. Just delete it and your website will feel much better.

Use Google+ Verified Authors

While it is not absolutely necessary to use authors for your content that are verified through Google+, it doesn’t hurt. As you hire writers for your content, be sure to ask if the writers are Google+ verified and always post their Google+ link to improve your content’s standing.

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