3 Reasons Why You Cannot Create Your Own Keyword List
By Tom&Co.
3 Reasons Why You Cannot Create Your Own Keyword List

As a professional Internet marketing firm, we hear a lot of reasons as to why people try to save money by doing their own SEO and website marketing. The truth is that successfully marketing any website requires professional strategy and years of experience. You can either waste your time trying to do it yourself, or you can make the most of your time and hire our marketing professionals.

One of the most important elements of any successful Internet marketing campaign is the keyword list used in pay-per-click campaigns and the website content. Good keywords show up all over your website and they play a huge role in getting you a premium position on the search engine results pages.

Unfortunately, creating keyword lists is one of those tasks that too many website owners look at as a DIY project. There are three good reasons why creating your own keyword lists is doing more harm than good and limiting the exposure your website is getting.

You Need Long-Tail Keywords

Google has changed its search algorithm so much over the past few years that the mere idea of keywords has changed drastically. Keywords used to be one or two words used as primary or secondary keywords to drive traffic. There was a time when multi-word phrases were shunned by the Internet marketing world.

But long-tail keywords are now the norm, and they are not easy to create. It takes a professional’s touch to create keyword phrases that will drive traffic and give your website the exposure that it needs to increase your revenue.

You Need To Understand Google

Google currently has three primary algorithms operating (Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin) that all have different effects on how Google views keywords. Google has developed complex and advanced algorithms that are looking for very specific elements of your content that will help to match up search queries with what your website has to offer. If you don’t understand what Google is looking for with keywords, then you have no way of creating keywords that will be effective.

Our professionals follow each and every change that Google makes and we work hard to develop marketing plans that get your website the best possible position on the search engine results pages. It is our job to understand Google and believe us when we say that it is a full-time job.

The Idea Of Primary And Secondary Keywords Is Changing

Primary keywords used to put your website in a general pool of search results, and then secondary keywords helped to narrow down your appeal to a specific audience. Using primary and secondary keywords used to be an effective way to get your website plenty of exposure to all of your target audiences.

But as Google continues to change its algorithms, it is also changing the effectiveness of the primary-secondary keyword model. As a professional marketing firm, we understand this new dynamic and we can use our experience to help you expand your customer base and increase revenue.

Internet marketing used to be something that website owners could do on their own and find a small level of success. But as Google and the other search engines make things more complex in the search world, the concept of keywords changes and Internet marketing is no longer a DIY project for website owners.

Call our experts today and we will start a program to develop keywords that will drive more traffic to your site and bring your website the kind of exposure you need it to have.

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