The Best Time Saving Marketing Tools
By Tom&Co.

Digital marketing has been expanding at an incredible rate over the past few years, which has caused marketing professionals to look for ways to maximize their time. There are plenty of time-saving tools available for online marketing that will help you to reach a wider audience and bring in more revenue generating traffic. Website owners should become familiar with some of these tools so that they understand how marketing professionals manage to develop such comprehensive and far-reaching marketing programs.


If you have the Leadfeeder tool installed, then any traffic that passes through your website gets captured and analyzed. The Leadfeeder tool will add traffic details to your analytics software and then search the social media profiles of each visitor to find pertinent marketing information. With this tool, you ensure that you will never miss any of the details associated with the people who look at your website, but do not interact with it.


The process of finding your ideal customers on Twitter and LinkedIn can be complicated if you do not have the right tool. Socedo is a marketing app that allows you to define the type of customer you are looking for, and then search Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to find the members of your target audience. You can collect profiles of every person who matches your ideal customer and use that information to expand your marketing reach.


A big part of marketing is finding ways to make sure that repeat business continues to come back to your store and act as your revenue foundation. Yotpo is an app that automatically generates online coupons and social media incentives for your existing clients based on your criteria. While you are busy taking care of your customers and trying to expand your customer base, Yotpo is generating ways to maintain repeat business and retain your economic foundation.


The more time-saving marketing tools are the intuitive ones that automatically react to actions your customers or prospects take online. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and it is an app that will not only let you know when someone tags your or you business in a picture, but it can automatically send out a message to the person who did the tagging that acts as a subtle thank you and call to action message.


Marketing professionals handle Internet notifications all day long, and the process can get confusing as well as a bit chaotic at times. Chime is an app that can host all of your notifications and give you a place to keep them organized. Instead of trying to remember which social media platform generated a particular notification, you just go to Chime and find the notification in your log.

When you save time in marketing, you also save money. There are so many ways to effectively market a brand or product that it is difficult for even the most organized marketing professional to keep track of things. But when you use the best time-saving tools available, you can access more information and get more done without sacrificing the quality of your work.

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