Why Your Content Marketing & SEO Must Work Together
By Tom&Co.
Why Your Content Marketing & SEO Must Work Together

As the ability to collect consumer data evolves, so do the roles of the digital marketing experts who use that data. With modern analytics marketing experts can determine information such as how often a user visits a web page, the types of interactions users have when they go to a website, and the kind of products customers want that they are not buying. This information allows marketing experts to create more accurate customer profiles, and it also helps SEO and content marketing to become a single synergistic relationship that drives more revenue.

The Real Role of SEO in the Modern World

For people who are inside the digital marketing world, the idea that SEO marketing is just about keywords has long since vanished. Digital marketing experts are no longer testing keywords to see which ones get the highest numbers; they are analyzing keywords to become more familiar with their clients.

It is one thing for a golf club manufacturer to want to use the keyword “driver” in their content, it is much more effective to find out why that keyword is valuable. Are consumers looking for a particular kind of driver? Is there something about a driver that players want to see improved or changed? When SEO marketing blasts out a series of keywords that get great results, they are talking at their customers instead of to them. By using more intuitive methods for evaluating keywords, SEO experts are learning how to satisfy client needs with keywords and creating more value.

Content Marketing is Taking on a More Emotional Role

As SEO marketing gets a makeover that is designed to gain a more personal understanding of client needs, content marketing is starting to become a way for companies to establish personal relationships with clients. Good content marketing does not talk over an audience’s head just to sound impressive. Instead, it tries to talk right to the audience in a way that is reassuring and informative.

Content marketing has also become more entertainment than advertising, and that is out of necessity. People have the option to ignore marketing when they are online, and engaging content marketing is starting to convince consumers that reading an ad or watching a commercial is not such a bad thing.

How SEO and Content Marketing are Working Together

With insightful SEO keywords and engaging content marketing, your company’s digital marketing efforts become difficult for consumers to ignore. When you use the consumer profiles developed by quality SEO marketing to create articles that have meaning to your clients, then it makes your clients feel as though the content was created specifically for them.

It took years for Google and other search engines to realize that the real power in online marketing is with quality content that addresses the real concerns of consumers. In recent years, Google has been implementing changes to its algorithms that reward a strong combination of SEO marketing research and content marketing expertise. But Google has only scratched the surface of what consumers really want.

As you develop your digital marketing strategy, keep in mind that good content marketing is fueled by strong SEO practices. The combination of SEO work that attempts to understand the needs of your clients and content that helps to directly address those needs will be a strong lure to bring revenue-generating traffic to your website.

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