Why LinkedIn is becoming so important
By Tom&Co.
Why LinkedIn is becoming so important

Last year it was found that LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter. Simply put, it’s the most important social marketing tool for companies looking to expand their presence online.

So what does this mean for you? It means that it’s time to build a LinkedIn page! This week’s article will discuss how you can leverage a company page to build relationships that drive business results. Here are five tips we recommend for engaging followers on your LinkedIn Page:

Keep your content informative

Well over 60% of LinkedIn members say they like to receive relevant news articles and content from companies on LinkedIn. Share your expertise and don’t be afraid of some healthy debate and or negative feedback. LinkedIn has become powerful largely because many companies like to use it as a ‘idea refinement’ incubator. So don’t be afraid to be not-perfect.

Be helpful, not sales-y

Promotional messaging is OK in certain circles but on LinkedIn, it’ll probably do more damage than good. The best approach is to provide company-related updates that deliver a specific benefit to your followers – whether it’s helping them accomplish a task better or simply gives them advice.

Part of the serious part of LinkedIn and the more humorous part at the same time is that it’s evolved into a support-group of sorts for businesses. Be supportive, be helpful and expect the same in return.

Get to the point

LinkedIn, like the rest of the business world – is no place for rambling. Deliver your messages powerfully, but succinctly. Shorter updates receive higher engagement. A sentence or two should do.

Timing is everything

This could almost be a post in and of itself, but we’ll keep it brief and straight forward, here.

First – be conscious of the times of day you post. Traditionally, posting earlier in the day will receive the highest engagement overall. Posting late in the day usually results in the least amount of engagement. Be cognizant of when you share out your content.

Second, always try to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world around you. Is there a relevant news story you could turn into a cautionary blog post? Is there a trend that will help you deliver your message? Is there a current event or problem that your product could help solve? Always be contemplating how your business fits into the world around you and express it.

Link to great content

LinkedIn isn’t always about you and your followers aren’t, either. Don’t be afraid to share great content. More than likely, you’ll see the favor returned in the future. If you own an insurance company but find a great article on flooring, be sure to share it. Everyone has floors and giving a nice endorsement is just good business. In fact, it’s fundamental to engagement – which is a two-way street. If you’re not helpful or engaging others, don’t expect them to engage with you!

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