What does Conversion Rate Optimization Mean for Marketers in 2019?
By Tom&Co.
Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has developed into its own specialty field in digital marketing that is growing rapidly. The field of CRO deals with increasing the amount of web traffic a site gets into buying customers. As you can imagine, this field is of critical interest to retail website owners and its influence on marketing programs continues to grow.

Talking To An Audience

Website owners are constantly looking for more effective ways to convert web traffic into buying customers because this cuts down on the cost of selling. A CRO expert understands what makes users go from browsing to buying, and this means that more CRO experts are working with digital marketing experts to improve the overall customer experience. With the data generated by CRO experts, marketing professionals can determine more effective ways to find new target audiences, communicate with those audiences, and develop more powerful marketing messages.

Simplifying The Process

A CRO expert considers everything that attracts and repels potential buyers when developing their ideas. It has been proven over and over again that a streamlined purchasing process is one thing that keeps consumers coming back to a website. But before the emergence of CRO experts, digital marketing professionals were never really sure what buyers wanted. With the help of CRO, marketers now have a better understanding of how buyers want the purchasing process simplified.

Don’t Forget The Desktop

Since CRO is relatively new, most people assume it only deals with the emerging industry of mobile computing. But any good CRO expert will tell you that consumers want a unified experience with desktop and mobile websites, and consumers want both kinds of websites to be as easy as possible to use. The idea that the desktop is going away is not accurate, and CRO experts are constantly reminding marketers to keep an eye on desktop development.

Maximize Mobile Options

One of the aspects of mobile computing that CRO experts constantly talk about is the lack of modern tools being used in developing mobile websites. Geolocation and the click-to-call marketing tactics are not used as widely as they could be, and that is not making users happy. There are some forms of marketing that users want to see on mobile websites, and CRO experts are trying to educate marketers on what those new tools may be.

The Regional Framework

When a portion of digital marketing spins off into its own field, such as CRO, the detailed manner in which that field is analyzed becomes more intense. Lately, CRO experts have discovered that regional limitations such as laws regarding online retail sales, international shipping issues, and maintaining inventory for customers all over the world is hurting CRO as much as anything else. Websites need to be aware of where their target audiences are located and develop strategies that address regional challenges.

The field of CRO will only grow in 2019, which is good news for digital marketing experts. The more information marketers have regarding consumer trends, the easier it gets for those marketers to develop effective marketing programs.

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